About Us

STKJoviale sticker brand did not exist until 2021. What's in a name STKJoviale? STK is an abbreviation of sticker, and Joviale is a French word that means happy and jolly. The brand name is given because we hope that our sticker products can bring joy to our customers and enrich their lives with more colors.


We are a group of hot-blooded young people who just entered the workforce. We are all handmade lovers, good at design and creation. With the development of e-commerce, our team joined the e-commerce industry with hope. We lauched our Amazon project in April 2021 selling stickers, and we often stayed up late together to design fine stickers. During the period, we also continue to interface with the factory only to bring our customers high-quality but not expensive stickers. Because we had never run an Amazon store before, we encountered several difficulties and even planned to give up the sticker store. However, with our careful management, we got many customers' affirmation and our first bucket of money. The encouragement from everyone made us feel confident and we decided to bite the bullet and keep going. We hope our colorful stickers will bring joy to everyone.


In order to meet more friends who are passionate about stickers and to better show our products, we begin running stkjoviale.com. Our team is constantly expanding. We will insist on bringing unique designs, high quality stickers, and excellent customer service.

Company: Guangzhou Huidalai Maoyiyouxiangongsi,

Address: Room A3329, No7,9 Tangdonghenglinger Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou  

Tel: +8618998820029

Email: majormtjq@gmail.com